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This too shall pass – A Paradigm

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Covid-19 and its impact is a blessing in disguise, which has formulated life with lot of titrations and combination reactions to derive an exponential solution for our generations. Yes, this process of treating has ensured our generations with an endowment to a holistic way of life and its processes of intelligence involved.

The solution derived is a combination formula of love, care, empathy and congeniality structured by the bonds of will, grit, determination and resilience, to conclude, “This Too Shall Pass”; for us to come out as diamonds after being treated ............. “The Uncut Truth”.

The new paradigm may be called as an holistic view of seeing the world, as an integrated one rather than a dissociated collection of parts. It may also be called an ecological view, as the term "ecological" is used, in a much broader and deeper sense than usual.

Deeper ecological awareness recognizes this fundamental interdependence phenomenon of our ecosystem, as we are all embedded and dependent on the cyclical process of nature and its c0-existence.

Thinking psychology as the trunk of a tree, each branch that sprouts from the trunk finds its roots in the same principles (nature & culture). But each branch takes a different path towards the sunlight (knowledge & awareness).

This two-way process as from the roots to different parts of the tree and from the tree to its roots again idealises the human psychology and holistic intelligence process.

This inner engineering experience embedded with outer world reality, radically stimulates holistic intelligence that is needed for our holistic existence.

Holistic intelligence as viewed in many instances;

  • the intelligence that accepts, learns to respect, the whole of Reality, Nature and Culture;

  • the transcendent Intelligence that defines and shapes Reality according to the needs of future;

  • the evolutionary impulses and dynamics that brings in the change to transform and sustain.

This state of give and take as a customary, constitute a rostrum of co-existence that resonates and synergizes the process of wellbeing and the formula of Success Quotient,

During the process of change and evolution, the development is multidimensional and it calls us to deepen each of these four capacities of Success Formula.

  • Intellectuals with practical and technical expertise and experience are aware of the pros and cons of sciences and its impact, before jeopardising the present;

  • Emotionally intelligent persons synchronise their legitimate prowess, situationally and operationally, to ensure wellness around;

  • Inspiring individuals cohort enthusiasm and positivity into reality, to manage risks.

  • Experts and Leaders, empower, energize and engage young people to take the lead.

However the success of this compendious Success Quotient Formula depends on all the four implications as a whole holistic development in one, as its Inertia in any one capacity undermines the effectiveness of the remaining three.

How do we achieve this? ……

Intelligence Quotient includes qualities like analytical skills, logical reasoning, ability to relate multiple things, and ability to store and retrieve information.

IQ tests check this through various questions related to reading comprehension, data interpretation, logical reasoning, verbal ability, visual-spatial reasoning, classification, analogies and pattern-detection.

  • Alongside Intelligence Quotient of a person capitalize on the: Adaptability to a new or changing environment Capacity for knowledge and the ability to acquire it Capacity for reason and abstract thought Ability to comprehend relationships Ability to evaluate and judge Capacity for original and productive thought Such a well developed Intelligence Quotient, will not be reactive but proactive to situations, with the ability to develop measures that would catalyst, knowledge and its application have an overall development of cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain.

It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head – it is the unique intersection of both.

Emotional Intelligence Ability to recognize and understand emotions in our self and others and it is the ability to use this awareness to manage one's own behavior and relationships.

Key competencies like self-awareness, emotional awareness, self-assessment, self-confidence; self-regulation, self-control, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability, innovativeness; self-motivation and self-evolution with self-driven, commitment, initiative, optimism, empathy, service orientation, leveraging diversity, and discrimination with social skills influence, communication, leadership, change management, conflict management all constitute to the Emotional Quotient of a person.

Such a well-balanced emotionally poised person will be able to deliver the required, thinking and analysing from every single person's point of view, aspect and welfare involved.

Social Quotient is the ability of a person to tune into other people’s emotions and read the subtle behavioral cues to choose the most effective response in a given situation. It is the ability to recognize others’ emotions, to show empathy that enables one to have more positive relationships and minimize unproductive conflicts.

In order to excel in various roles that we play – be it that of a beloved, spouse, parent, friend, manager, marketer, teacher, leader etc., it is important to first have an insight into how emotions work and a skill to observe someone’s nonverbal behavior. It is not some talent you are born with. It is a skill that can be learnt, practiced and mastered.

Social Intelligence will be the future! The reason is simple. Every interpersonal interaction has an emotional subtext to it. And most of that emotional undertone gets manifested less through words and more through the nonverbal behaviors like gestures, expressions, postures, vocal cues or for that matter, the way one has shaped one’s personal environment.

As "Charity begins at home", shaping one's own social quotient is the key to success, prior to administer any change in the society.

Adversity Quotient composition with resilience as the prime ability helps one to bounce back and find a silver lining with a hopeful future. The first aspect of resilience is that we will look at, gaining a positive yet accurate perspective.

Another trait of people with high A.Q. is having high endurance, which is closely linked with a perception of an adversity’s temporariness, with the hope of "This too shall Pass"......

Experiences have proved, people with high A.Q. are the ones who can adapt to drastic changes in an organization, such as changes in management, sudden cost-cutting measures, and being assigned heavier workloads. It does not mean that they sacrifice personal well-being for the sake of grit—they make sure to deliver results first before negotiating terms later.

With this new paradigm – if we can build an agile generation, who will be able to face life, as it comes, we will be delivering a purposeful education, as educating the minds, without educating the heart is a futile education .........

to be continued with different kinds of intelligences (in next) .................................

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