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Philosophy of Education

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

“The future of civilization is to a great extent being written in the walls of the classroom. It is of paramount importance to create the ideal ambiance that shapes the minds of the generations to come as the inheritors of the Earth, as said by MiltonSmith.

The purpose of education is successful, "when a free and agile mind guided by an open-minded learning empower the learner to contribute to the real world. Such a future generation will be dependable and committed to unfold new chalk challenges and explore new endeavors, with the pride of unlearn and relearn that will lead in for a transformation in the world.

Such an education has a message to convey for all generations to come – “Right Attitude in the Right Direction to attain the Rightful.

This saga of education, starts from early years, as every touch of the potter’s hands, every round on the wheel goes into giving shape to wet clay and rebuilding misshapen pottery.

Every day, every moment is a learning experience in which one gives self to life experiences and learn from them. This phenomenal yielding of one-self is done by developing relationships on the platform of Trust and Love. This serene relationship develops a bonding of connectivity from within, like the misshapen pottery in a way in the kiln, hardening and setting in an environment of friendly mold to carry far.

Such an education platform is merely based on Respect.

  • Respect for self and others;

  • Respect for community and its values;

  • Respect for the environment and culture.

with the following common goals:

  • Self-direction – Independent learners will enquire, explore, express to understand and excel.

  • Community feeling - Skilled learners will perform in community projects as an example.

  • Independence – Liberated learners rather proving the theories, improve their explorations

  • Create - Focussed learners will challenge their hardships and create their own glories.

  • Lead - Motivated learners will expand their horizon to lead and guide.

Such an education will create focussed generations who are self-reliant, self-disciplined, honest and fearless, who will never leave the path of righteousness, whatever be the temptations and hardships thrown in their way of life.

How do we create such an education? (to be contd ...............................)

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