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Education - an Evolution

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Education is a social activity process that undergoes an evolution of knowledge, values and skills, which in turn develops and guides the society with the sense of "Right edict in the right direction"......

Purpose of Education

Education formulates and nurtures one's personal, social and financial laterals, resonating to the "Reality of Life". In precis,"Education is just not a preparation for Life, but Life itself"........

Alongside, a promising education helps in developing strong and value based community. Its richness evolves a person as self, where its culmination with the reality of life benefits one's community and the country. The inner engineering and the transformation manifests and manifolds the evolution. This culmination creates the sense of "Being from within"......

Where does this start from?................

Evolution with Sciences:

If we think that this starts after the age of eighteen, when one starts pursuing his career, we are wrong. This journey starts from the womb of a mother.

Every single sound that is heard, every single word that is spoken, every single sight that is visioned, every single act that is performed, every single memory that is registered, unfolds a learning environment and process for the learner. Every single try catalyst, every single task that is accomplished. Every single failure motivates and institutes to groom one as learned. An enthusiastic, inquisitive learner explores every single moment, to steer every opportunity near.

Thus this confluence of knowledge, skills and application in real life experience carves a niche for one self as a creator or contributor. In this process, the learner learn to grow with sciences, physically, mentally, literally, morally and culturally, such that this valued member is able to contribute to the well being of his society.

Thus a purposeful education with the evolution of sciences, creates a culture of innovation, renovation and transformation with the sense of "For the cause of Education"...............

How this has been trending?.....................

Catalysts in this process:(Then)

Starting from the good old ages of myth, the real-life experiences as agents of the contribution, along with a catalyst - (the facilitator/ the Teacher) volumize a good lesson.

Nevertheless, be it the "Fruit of Knowledge with Adam and Eve, Biopic of famous myths like Ramayan and Mahabharat - an education or learning is successful and purposeful, only when its remicienses are reflected to the society.

Does our process of education fulfil this? ....... we need to ponder on this later.

How do we do this? ....................

Catalysts in this process:(Now)

Down the ages, the education process depends largely, on the channels through which knowledge and skills are transferred, where the channels are mainly the resources as teachers, tools and technology.

The modern education system of acquiring knowledge and skills, has totally grounded the process with the role of Information Technology.

Digital Competency with the coding and decoding factors have started playing a lead role in the process of evolution of education system. Artificial Intelligence with the augmented reality is no more a want for the society, but its need, indeed with the sense of "Shaping Minds, shape the Future"......

The Quintessence:

Educational revolution is when every system of learning and assessment goes digitally formative, making the best use of Information technology and its enterprise.

Educational renaissance is when this transformed way of learning is made available to every single learner in this world.

Educational evolution is when the confluence of educational revolution and educational renaissance is made available to this world, with the sense of "Education a right for every child"..........

What could be that one solution, that will help this change?

To be continued with that one solution ............... in the next post.

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