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Education - A revolution, A renaissance - "Dream to Reality".........

For many children living in developing countries, attending school seems like an unattainable goal. A so called "Dream"...............

In fact, millions simply do not have access to schools while others cannot afford the fees or the required resources or protocols viz ... IT supplementaries, Books, Uniforms to name a few.

Education is something we receive so freely in some of the previleged countries, but for too many children around the world, it is a privilege they can only dream about. In third-world countries, the reality is that education can change the course of a child’s life.

Ultimately, an education has the potential to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation. Education equips them with the knowledge and life skills that are necessary to restore bright futures with dignity and hope. Education restores hope and dignity. Education offers children, a sense of self-respect with resilence and determination to face life as it comes, prepared for challenges.

............. to be contd .... as how to make this possible as a promising gateway to "Futuristic Education".............. A Call to the World"...

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